Happy Dog = Happy Family

Alessina With Star

Happy Dog = Happy Family

Hello, my name is Alessina. I am a professional dog/puppy trainer/behaviourist. I can help you gain the trust and respect you and your family need from your dog.

If your dog lacks obedience or behaves in other annoying ways that cause you frustration, worry, stress,
or even embarrassment ….


I have a proven solution to most of the problems or training difficulties you are having with your dog. They can be fixed! With my no tricks, no ongoing treats method I will show you how to teach your dog to sit, drop and stay on command, be a pleasure to take for a walk and be good mannered with your kids and friends. I will help your dog understand that any behaviours you find annoying are just not acceptable and can be changed, without the use of fear, force or aggression.

Your dog will become the loving and adorable companion you have dreamed of owning!

I know dogs and, above all, understand that training has to be easy, fun for all the family, and yes, affordable and effective.

Please give me a call - 0400 508 944